A walk through the old town offers many stories from the history. Every house and every alley carries on the heritage and traditions of the city between the bridges, that Stockholm was originally called. Year 1521 there were an old dilapidated stone house on the site.

When magistrate Peter Gronberg bought the House in 1617, it was very dilapidated and and he therefore equipped the house properly. In 1680 the house was bought of Elisabeth Funck, at that time also included "the large middle wife's house and the wide alley at Kornhamn". In the 1860 's, after a few changes of ownership, the house came in trader Wallin possession.

He put the future of modernity - large cast iron worn storefronts at street level and on the first floor.

In 1922 the house was purchased by the firm of Robert Ditzinger, in 1924 they launched a more than decade-long renovation. Ditzingers stayed in the neighborhood until 1968 when the Kapp-Ahl took over most of the firm's premises..

During the 1980´s they changed the house for office operations. At this time Agaton opened for menswear on the ground floor.

After 18 years as a classic menswear Agaton changed costume to a restaurant with the same name.